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22 Апр 2014

Production starts with raw materials control implemented in production technological laboratories established on each Technocom enterprise. Laboratories are certified by State standardization, metrology and certification center in Kharkiv.

All ingredients used in production are natural and only of highest grade.

For noodles production flour is decontaminated in the system of magnets and filters trapping even finest particles of contaminants. Same procedure is applied to water demanded by receipt. Kneaded and flattened dough is cut into thinnest strings and processed with steam at 120 degrees temperature, and then noodles are fried in palm oil. After this procedure noodles are already ready for consumption. After that noodles are to be dried, cooled and packed into special food film.

Potato mash is made of only natural components: powdered potato, dry vegetables, dry cream and spices are mixed precisely as per technology. Due to this excellent taste properties of the product are achieved. Only best potato chips from leading European manufacturers are used in potato mash production.

Technology of seasoning production – is a thorough mixing of precisely selected ingredients in a certain proportion. Due to this long-lasting and pronounced taste and aroma of seasonings appear. Applying this technique allows to steadily produce high-quality seasoning.

Adherence to parameters of technological processes is provided by modern measuring-filling equipment, vegetable blenders, temperature sensors, thermocouples and other gages.

First- and second-course dishes with meat and vegetables by Mivina Domashnia TM are made using innovative Keep all fresh technology.

This technology allows to produce instant products with natural meat without any preservatives used, furthermore, shelf life is extended to 24 months!


According to Keep all fresh technology ingredients by receipt – fresh meat, vegetables, spices – are loaded into metallized waterproof packaging (with 04 lightproof layers 8 atm pressure resistant). After the dishes are placed into special equipment they are cooked under high steam pressure in two stages – first at 100-105 С degrees, then at 125 С degrees. It allows to keep all useful vitamins and microelements in meat and vegetables and give inimitable taste and aroma to dishes. In the process of cooking the product gets sterilized and due to this its shelf life increases significantly (up to 24 months).

This technology was first applied in Japan 30 years ago. Today Keep all fresh technology is used to produce not only instant products but also premium-class meat and fish preserves. The whole world knows them as soft preserves.

Technocom Company is the only company in CIS to have Keep all fresh equipment. Natural meat, vegetables, spices used for production are of Ukrainian origin only.

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