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About a company

Mission statement We enable everyone to gain liberty and experience all flavors of life Vision We create the best products that enhance our leadership by earning consumer trust. Goals Create products that suit consumers of all income levels and taste preferences. Continuously extend our product range by developing new products based on professional analysis of consumer preferences. Maintain and consolidate our leading position on the instant food market. Become a leader on the international instant food market by increasing export of our products to foreign countries. Provide our personnel with the best opportunities for professional actualization in the Cmpany. Build solid long-term ...

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Production starts with raw materials control implemented in production technological laboratories established on each Technocom enterprise. Laboratories are certified by State standardization, metrology and certification center in Kharkiv. All ingredients used in production are natural and only of highest grade. For noodles production flour is decontaminated in the system of magnets and filters trapping even finest particles of contaminants. Same procedure is applied to water demanded by receipt. Kneaded and flattened dough is cut into thinnest strings and processed with steam at 120 degrees temperature, and then noodles are fried in palm oil. After this procedure noodles are already ready ...

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Technocom Company comprises three production enterprises: Mivina-3 factory, seasoning factory and cardboard factory. All factories are supplied with modern Japanese (food products) and Taiwanese (packaging products) equipment. Special attention should be paid to hi-tech equipment of quality control laboratory. These enterprises work 24 hours a day. Mivina-3 factory manufactures instant noodles, fast-cooking noodles, Bim-Bim rice chips, Bim-Bim and Joker wheat and rye-wheat crisps. The only complex in CIS for processing fresh meat using Keep all fresh technology for Mivina Domashnia brand is built on the territory of this factory. Seasoning and spice factory packs spices and produces Mivina ...

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At Mivina-3 factory and seasoning and spice factory there are production technological laboratories controlling incoming raw materials and quality at all production stages. All ingredients used are only of highest quality. At preparatory stage flour is decontaminated in magnet system and water is filtered by reversed osmose removing all particles at molecular level. All technological parameters are controlled by electronic systems managing mixing, measuring and packing processes. Quality and formulation of products ready for shipping is double-checked at the factory as well as in the state control agency. In 2002 Technocom enterprises were certified as corresponding to International quality ...

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Technocom Company was founded in 1993. Its birthday is on August, 8th. Today this day is a celebratory not only for the Company founders and employees but also for numerous admirers of delicious and wholesome food made by the company under the famous trade mark Mivina. Being the first one to introduce instant products to the Ukrainians, Company has been developing consumption culture of instant products in Ukraine for 15 years. And all this time Technocom remains an ultimate leader on this market. ...

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Our team

Technocom Company staff is 3 000 highly proficient specialists! Each of us feels privity to the big common cause, successful and reputable company. Mivina TM is really people’s brand and we are proud of it and do not make any secrets. Employment benefits are among the best in the branch. All employees are provided with free meals, privileged medical care, free attendance of holiday village in one of the most picturesque places in Kharkiv region – Stary Saltov. For sport activities Company founded a sports complex with 50m swimming pool with 6 lanes. Regularly swimming competitions – real Olympic heats – take place here! Various coteries and sports classes with powerful material and ...

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In a period of just one year since the introduction of instant noodles to the Ukrainian market, a new product at that time (by 1996), Mivina trademark enjoyed high popularity among the Ukrainian consumers and earned their trust. The total number of instant noodles packs produced reached 1 million per month and the name “Mivina” became the symbol for all instant food products. By 2001 Mivina established itself as the ultimate leader among the local instant food product brands. By 2004 consumption level of Mivina noodles in Ukraine reached a record high – 97% Since 2002 Mivina products are constantly awarded with high national and international honors: «Choice of the Year», «Golden ...

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Technocom LLC 61105, Kharkiv, 45, Geroev Stalingrada av. Free hot line: 0 800 50-175-50 Tel.: Fax.: +38 057 714-83-68 714-83-69 +38 057 714-82-55 ...

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