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22 Апр 2014

At Mivina-3 factory and seasoning and spice factory there are production technological laboratories controlling incoming raw materials and quality at all production stages.

All ingredients used are only of highest quality. At preparatory stage flour is decontaminated in magnet system and water is filtered by reversed osmose removing all particles at molecular level.

All technological parameters are controlled by electronic systems managing mixing, measuring and packing processes.

Quality and formulation of products ready for shipping is double-checked at the factory as well as in the state control agency.

In 2002 Technocom enterprises were certified as corresponding to International quality management system ISO 9001:2000, that allowed to export the company products to 29 CIS and non-CIS countries.

In 2007 HACCP system of food safety was integrated in Technocom enterprises – among the first in Ukraine.


ISO 9000 — is a series of ISO international standards, regulating quality management at enterprises. Standards system was developed by International Organization for Standardization based on developments of British Standard Institute BS 5750. ISO 9000 standards were accepted in over 90 countries in the world. ISO has several versions, one of them — ISO 9001:2000 — Quality management systems. Requirements.

ISO 9000 Certificate is first of all required for enterprises working on international markets or with international suppliers demanding this certificate; working in state-managed segments of economy or dealing with state organizations of the countries demanding ISO 9000 certificate. ISO 9000 purpose is to bring consistency to interactions between companies. The standard helps companies to formalize their system of managing quality control and product conformity.

НАССР system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is mainly used by food product manufacturers.

This system provides control at all stages of food production, storage and sales where any violations are possible.

For НАССР system implementation manufacturers are obliged to not only study their own products and production methods but also apply this system and its requirements to their suppliers, supporting materials as well as to wholesale and retail system.

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