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22 Апр 2014

Technocom Company comprises three production enterprises: Mivina-3 factory, seasoning factory and cardboard factory. All factories are supplied with modern Japanese (food products) and Taiwanese (packaging products) equipment. Special attention should be paid to hi-tech equipment of quality control laboratory. These enterprises work 24 hours a day.

Mivina-3 factory manufactures instant noodles, fast-cooking noodles, Bim-Bim rice chips, Bim-Bim and Joker wheat and rye-wheat crisps. The only complex in CIS for processing fresh meat using Keep all fresh technology for Mivina Domashnia brand is built on the territory of this factory.

Seasoning and spice factory packs spices and produces Mivina seasonings and Mivina instant potato mash.

Cardboard factory produces packaging of corrugated cardboard.

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