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22 Апр 2014

In a period of just one year since the introduction of instant noodles to the Ukrainian market, a new product at that time (by 1996), Mivina trademark enjoyed high popularity among the Ukrainian consumers and earned their trust. The total number of instant noodles packs produced reached 1 million per month and the name “Mivina” became the symbol for all instant food products.

By 2001 Mivina established itself as the ultimate leader among the local instant food product brands.

By 2004 consumption level of Mivina noodles in Ukraine reached a record high – 97%

Since 2002 Mivina products are constantly awarded with high national and international honors: «Choice of the Year», «Golden Trade Mark», «Superior Taste», «European Quality»

2007 Mivina is the leader on the Ukranian seasoning market according to expert ratings of flavoring seasonings. Thanks to their high quality, pleasant taste and distinct aroma, Mivina seasonings won the hearts of most of Ukrainians.

2008 is a truly golden year for the company. Mivina flavoring seasonings are acknowledged as the «Brand of the Year 2008». In April 2008 the company was awarded with one of the highest honors by a prestigious rating «The Golden Fortune». In June the company was awarded with the «Golden Arrow», and the golden diploma «Third Millennium Quality» – the company was also awarded with a UNESCO medal and the medal for «National Acknowledgement of Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing».

Since the company founding in 1993, Technocom Company products have gathered a winning award collection – around 140 honors.

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